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Update: Tonio Borg welcomes French investigation

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Horsemeat was ‘mislabelled’ as beef, French meat processing company Spanghero has said.

The company has had its license suspended whilst investigations continue, French Agricultural Minister Le Foll stated. This comes amidst a widening scandal which began in Ireland and has now reached 16 European countries.

The French Government believes that the selling of ‘mislabelled horsemeat’ has been ongoing for the past six months and has seen around 750 tonnes of horsemeat camouflaged as beef.

"Spanghero confirms having placed an order for beef, having been led to believe it received beef, and having sold back what it thought was beef, properly labelled as such, in line with European and French regulations," the company argued.

Tonio Borg Statement

Health & Consumer Policy Commissioner Tonio Borg welcomed the announcement of French Authorities identifying and suspending a company which knowingly mislabeled horsemeat.

Today, at an extraordinary Standing Committee of the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH), organized by my services, Member States' experts will examine the coordinated plan the Commissioner put forward on Wednesday to EU ministers, in which he called for a reinforcement of DNA and Phenylbutazone tests throughout the EU.

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