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Update: Austin Gatt suspects PL of frame-up

Article By:
Charlene Mifsud

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications Austin Gatt claimed that the Enemalta scandal was all a frame-up created by the PL.

During a press conference held at the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications today, the Minister handed out a printout of emails that had been published in the media and highlighted the differences between the two, indicating that the emails were manipulated as they didn't correspond. 

Minister Austin Gatt stated that he will be making a formal complaint to the Police Commissioner on this issue. He said that he had abstained from responding to the many accusations made in the past days till now because he was asked by the Police Commissioner to hold back. The reason he gave for stepping forward now, is to expose the manipulation being made.

Dr Gatt stated that he had never received any commission from oil procurement and confirmed that he felt that he should keep his role as Minister, stating that it is the responsible thing to do. Minister Gatt claimed that he had never had any dealings with George Farrugia regarding issues to buy oil for Enemalta.

Other emails that were published were most probably manipulated, Dr Gatt accused. He mentioned projects that were proposed over the years regarding an oil tunnel passing through Maltese waters and said how they were always rejected because of lack of funds.


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