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Ministry of Health, SISMER establish basis for collaboration on Embryo Protection Bill

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A basis for collaboration regarding the Embryo Protection Bill has been established during a meeting between the Ministry for Health and Societa’ Italiana Studi Medicina della Riproduzione (SISMER).

In practice, this means that the Maltese and Gozitan population will be benefitting from the expertise SISMER has gained throughout the years, establishing it as a European leader in the field.

Prof Luca Gianaroli and Diego Gianaroli,  Scientific Director and CEO of SISMER respectively, said that they were proud to be collaborating with the Maltese government for the best interest of the Maltese population, especially in view of  the new law which will regulate IVF in Malta.

Health Minister Joe Cassar, Dr Kenneth Grech, Permanent Secretary and Prof. Mark Brincat, Clinical Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology within the same Ministry, discussed the details of the collaboration between both parties.

Minister Cassar said that the fact that the Ministry had managed to secure the collaboration of such a reputable organisation as SISMER was proof of the trust and solid reputation that the Ministry of Health has secured around the EU.

This meeting was held at the Embassy of Malta in Rome, hosted by Ambassador Charles Inguanez.

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