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Meter tampering - Meters that read 59% to 63% less

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The compilation of tampering in smart meters continued today, Engineer Carmel Scerri exhibited three meters which were fitted in the homes of three people who testified at the hearing today. The meters read between 59% and 63% less than the supposed reading.

The defendants in this compilation are Emanuel Micallef and Richard Gauci. Gauci today admitted the charges against him and in due course will be given the sentence. In Micallef’s compilation all three consumers also testified today including Engineer Scerri.

The first witness was George Mifsud from Qormi, who said he met the accused in a tea shop in Rabat and that’s how they got to know each other. Mifsud had done some work with regards to furniture and only charged the accused for the material. One day while they were speaking the subject regarding bills came up and Mifsud asked Micallef how does the system of changing the old meter to a modern one works. The defendant told him that he could affix a smart meter that wastes few electricity, and he requested the sum of € 1500. This sum was then forwarded to Micallef by Mifsud on the day which the smart meter was affixed.

Another witness was Joseph Stivala from Luqa, who had made a request to Enemalta to get a new meter fitted instead of the old one. The accused had gone to Stivala’s house and when they engaged in conversation they had spoken on how high the bills were. The accused told Stivala that he could arrange and affix a meter which read less for the price of € 1,300. Some days later the accused went to get the meter fitted to which Stivala gave him the money as agreed.

The third witness was Carmelo Agius from Qormi, who often stops for tea by the sea near Marsa. One day while he was drinking tea, he and some other people in the shop began to talk about the bills. When Agius left the store the accused followed him out and offered him to change his meter to a one that read less. The accused introduced himself as Leli who works with Enemalta. Four days later, Micallef went to the house of Agius and removed his meter as agreed. After a few hours without electricity, he fitted the new meter in.

When the meters were exhibited, Engineer Scerri said the meter Mifsud had, read 63% less than it was suppose to, the meter Stivala had, read 59% lower and the meter Agius had, read 61% less .

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