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Men do it too…

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Lisa Farrugia

Have you noticed how men always moan about how much we spend on magazines, our visits to the salon, how many pairs of shoes we need and do we really need another lipstick?

Well things, and guys attitudes, are changing and this week we’re gonna treat them to their own little look into the up and coming, multi-million pound business of male grooming… But girls don’t stop reading cos some of it will make you giggle.

So let’s look at home first. Gone are the days when all our shelves were crammed with sweet smelling creams and pretty bottles. They are slowly being over taken with “Hombre”,  lotions, potions, gels, clays, pomades, waxing creams, sprays, moisturisers and the list goes on and on. All well named brands have their own mens range and all over Europe and America a new wave is kicking in of Male only spas and salons.

A guy apparently feels much more at ease in an environment specifically made for him, and services and treatments are being molded to facilitate this new trend. When I say new trend, I don’t mean to think that men haven’t looked after themselves, it’s just that now the beauty industry are making life a whole lot easier and cashing in on the masculine approach, making choices endless and obviously more economical.

Salon treatments can vary from massage, to specific facial problems, pedicures and even manicures. But probably the most popular treatment is in fact waxing. Yes guys go through pain too, and after reading how much pain they can take, we will take our hats off to them.

Last week I wrote about how a girl preps herself and the options of waxing and some people (guys) said I was being sexist and that they didn’t ask us to go through pain for them! My answer was that if we didn’t look after ourselves, and went on a date with hair growing out of every orifice would we look as attractive to them? Would they think we had let ourselves go?

So this week let’s turn the tables, how do we feel about a guy with excess hair on his body and how far do they go to get rid of their phobias and look good for us?

I have asked a lot of people and these are the most popular disliked hairy ape areas of a male:

The famous monobrow - Women have long recognized that groomed eyebrows can transform a face - but now the male 'monobrow' looks to be a thing of the past as well. It has been revealed that men now make up 40 per cent of visitors at its brow bars - a figure that has doubled in the past year. The treatment is not for the faint-hearted however: 'Guybrow-shaping virgins should remember that threading can smart to begin with, especially as male eyebrows tend to be thicker than female brows. However, the treatment is speedy and efficient, leaving you with a brow to wow.'

The hairy back – So an entirely different story. The results are in and there's no need for a recount: back hair has to go... immediately. It is grossly unappealing and is a little too "barbaric" for most ladies.

Facial hair – Debatable some of us like the scratchy feeling of stubble while others like clean shaven. Hey, whatever floats your boat on this one.

Legs, underarms etc.- Personally, I think a guy should not have the same silky feel to his legs than me and to sit and discuss what he uses to make them feel so smooth would not be part of my daily conversation. But it’s understandable for sportsmen to shave their legs or is it?

So what’s left? Like on a woman, guys have an option for the pubic areas too. This is a huge part of the beauty treatment that is growing extremely popular. But what is it and how do men really feel about it?

What do they ask for? The most heard of is the BSC, or the back, sac and crack wax. Sounds great doesn’t it? And yes it really is true. This type of waxing can be painful as the genital area of a guy is extremely sensitive and the skin is thinner. It also can be extremely embarrassing as they will hear the beautician quote along the lines of “if you can remove your clothes from the waist below, jump on the bed and lay face down and pull your butt cheeks apart. Ok now don’t scream in pain while I just drip hot wax and rip it off causing you huge amounts of pain. Oh and now we have done that can you please turn facing upwards and hold your genital area tight. Woops what happened there Mr. Big are you feeling nervous or excited?” Apparently it is normal for a guy to become aroused on occasion and therapists are used to this occurring and consider it a natural event. Often though, the waxing sensation tends to subside throughout the treatment.

So yes girls guys can go through pain for gain of looking good like us. But as I said before do we appreciate it more? I think its coming close to the time when we can start to say; do you really need all those creams, how many aftershaves do you really want and stop nicking my razor?

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