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Fidwa 2014

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For the 4th consecutive year, Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija, Xewkija Local Council, Ministry for Gozo together with the Gozo Culture Office are presenting FIDWA.

This event forms part of Gozo - Faith & Tradition, an initiative supported by the Ministry for Gozo.

The show will be performed Saturday 12th April and Sunday 13th April at 20:30.

Lent will soon be reaching its climax with the Holy Week celebrations, followed by the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, the biggest feast in the Church’s calendar.

But before we celebrate the rise of Jesus Christ from amongst the dead, we will also be commemorating the passion and the crucifixion of our Saviour.

Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija in collaboration with the Xewkija Local Council, will be holding a re-enactment of the episode between the Last Supper and the capture and arrest of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Everyone is cordially invited to join the Jewish Rabbis, the Apostles, Judas and Jesus Christ in the Gnien ta’ Blankas (better known as Gnien iz-Zebbug in Triq il-Kanal) for this re-enactment before the commencement of the Holy Week celebrations.

During the day on Sunday, Gnien Blankas will be opened for public. The visitors will have the opportunity to experience the environment of 2000 years ago and can walk on the paces of Jesus. The visitors will be given a map of the locations. Every place will have a description of what happened back then.

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