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Your jobs - Your education

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Ingrid Brownrigg

All workers, of all ages, are an important asset of the Maltese economy. For this reason, the PN in government intends to further extend and sustain the current working schemes so that unemployed people would continue receiving training packages without actually losing their benefits. In particular, The PN electoral program highlights the following schemes:

·         Work Trial Scheme – where unemployed persons work for 20 hours per week for 12 weeks without losing any financial benefits would be further strengthened in a way that the period of 12 weeks would be further extended for a maximum of one year. In this way, we make sure that the unemployed person would be fully trained and ready to start a new job opportunity

·         Bridging the Gap – which gives work experience for the most vulnerable people (like inmates, drug addicts, alcohol addicts, persons with severe disability) benefitting of 80% of minimum wage

·         Community Work Scheme – in which unemployed persons for more than 6 months would work 30 hours of community work with local councils or NGOs

·         Employment Aid Program – it allows Maltese companies of benefitting 50% subsidies for wages and National Insurance for more than two years for unemployed persons of more than two years. The subsidy percentage would increase to 75% for persons with disability with unlimited period of time

Flexibility of Sick Leave

The PN Government would allow sick leave to be utilized when having sick children. This initiative would be eligible for both men and women. Its implementation would be first discussed with employers in order for irregular sick leave to be reduced, if not eliminated. This is aimed at increasing job loyalty and would encourage men and women to resume their work after having had children. 

To encourage retirees continuing their job

At present, a retired person qualified to continue doing his work duties is required to still reimburse the same amount of National Insurance as others being younger in age. In order to increase the inspiration for retirees to continue furthering their job opportunity and increase their income, the PN is proposing that the rate of National Insurance between the retired age and 65 years would be reduced by 50%, both for the employee and the employer. For self-employed retirees the National Insurance would be reduced from the current 15% to 10%.

Public Service Employees

In order for public service employees to improve their working conditions for the better, service contracts from the private sector would:

·         Be offered for a longer period of time so that employees would be having more fixed work

·         The contractor would enter in an agreement with practical codes ensuring just working conditions for all employees

·         Include the National Standard Order for particular sectors

·         Separation of employee salaries from the contractors’ expenditure so that the competitive tendering process would be based on the best possible offer from the contractor for his own services and not based on the employee wages

Tomorrow’s Education based on Technology

The PN Government would give a personal tablet for all primary and secondary school students and teachers for use in their homes and colleges. The main aim behind this idea is to compensate for the weighing of books and will make sure that all these tablets would be connected with the already in-place IT platforms. The tablets would be given to all government, independent and church schools.

Arts Academy

The PN is proposing to hold the Arts Academy which would incorporate Music, arts, dancing and Drama talents together in an appropriate campus. In collaboration with the private sector, we will provide more courses related to this area and we will create more opportunities for those students pursuing their careers within this area.

To encourage more school leavers to continue their studies

Having restructured the transition of from the primary to the secondary school examinations, more effort is going to be put from the secondary to a higher level of education. The main intention of this measure is to further increase the number of secondary school leavers to continue furthering their studies. This can be accomplished by the following initiatives:

·         Extend the current opportunities in different levels and subjects

·         Offering more opportunities for youths to achieve certifications for their skills

·         Extend the number of vocational subjects

·         Recognition for informal and formal education

Discover another EU member state at 21 years of age

Being at 21 years of age, the PN Government is to provide a maximum of €500 so that you will visit an EU member state for the benefit of extending your cultural knowledge against an approved program. Should you follow a language course during this visit, the compensation would be further increased to €1000.

Job and Education are two of the three pillars on which the PN electoral campaign is based. Both columns are integrated with one another and they provide the key for your success. Without a successful education, you cannot have a decent Job opportunity. With a well-off education, you will achieve better working conditions and job opportunities. With the best Job and Education for you and your family, you will be the main beneficiary and net contributor for a better country.

Based on sound economic finances, the PN is promising to give you the best, because you really deserve it. 

Ingrid Brownrigg is a PN Candidate on the 2nd and 3rd Districts and can be reached on:

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