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When the going gets tough!

Article By:
Roderick Galdes

As the electoral campaign continues to come closer to verdict day and the unfolding of scandals continues to embarrass GonziPN, then there is no option left but to revert to the old tactics of scaremongering and character assassination. This has been the trend throughout past elections. Lucid still is in our collective memory the blunt lie by EFA the Nationalist leader at the time, just days before the elections a decade ago.

Within the last days one could notice a higher dosage of spin by the usual GonziPN acolytes in an attempt to slur the reputation of particular individuals and alienate from the real problems affecting our country. Within the past year we witnessed a disintegrating government focusing on how to cling on to power rather than how to implement promises, such as; thousands of jobs in SmartCity, getting away with waiting lists at Mater Dei, White Rocks project, whistle-blower act, party financing act, more civil rights, etc.

Public Broadcasting

Whether the public broadcasting stations are being used as an oppressive tool by the ruling oligarchy, is left to the imagination of our electorate. Positive, that most of the people are intelligent enough to realise and notice the manipulation by those who are loyal and servile not to the public, but to GonziPN.

Just following any am or pm daily programmes, and weeklies hosted by ‘media gurus’, even toddlers would realise with the way presenters give a rough ride to all speakers who happen to criticise GonziPN, but the rest can sway and swerve the way they want! A dose a day, will keep GonziPN play!

Recently, we have heard claims that presently public broadcasting is manipulated by people close to GonziPN and now matters degenerated to an extent that biasness is worse than in the 80’s. A presenter who has been reprimanded by the Broadcasting Authority on more than one occasion over biases and improper conduct goes on the air with more frequency and repeats, projecting himself as a bastion of objectivity!

Proud or Ashamed

According to GonziPN, the Nationalists make us feel proud whilst the Labour Party makes us feel ashamed! Should anyone feel proud that our country had its credit rating downgraded, a beefy increase in honoraria, scandals at TM, hollow promises of thousands of employments at SmartCity, scandal on oil procurement and commissions, opting for a power station working with HFO, flop of proposed reforms at MEPA, public transport and education, etc.

Labour Movement has moved away from the tribal politics of reds and blues and feels proud to present a stance of one nation moving together to improve all spheres and sectors for the benefit of all the Maltese. The Maltese have always progressed under various Governments of all colours and once again it is proposing a roadmap that eventually will unite all the Maltese in a bid to become a proud nation in Europe.

Two weights

Lately, GonziPN has embarked on a negative campaign depicting the Labour Party as the Party of contractors! Unbelievable! Party secretaries holidaying on a luxurious yacht with a leading contractor and party benefactor, a minister traveling to London for a champions League match with prominent businessmen seem not to irk GonziPN acolytes with same fervour.

Calamity Labour

GonziPN and his deputy keep hammering that a Labour Government would mean that our country would be hit by all sorts of economic calamities, more tax burdens, higher unemployment rate, education go down in the doldrums and the country would be forced to opt for a bailout!

Ironically, the harder in their attempts to disparage the Labour Party, the more painful

would be an electoral defeat!

Malta belongs to all of us

As the going gets tough for GonziPN, similarly to a drowning man, every straw will give a jammy hope to save blushes. The Labour Party is well prepared with a doable roadmap that will boost the economy, alleviate the standard of living, more students will continue with their educational voyage, better prospects in tourism, eradication of precarious work, environmental reform will balance environmental conversation and responsible development, free child care centres, more environmentally friendly power generation, lower utility tariffs, etc.

After March 9 we shall be embarking on our roadmap to consolidate whatever areas and sectors that have been reaping positive results and will implement our electoral promised proposals that generate jobs and offer a better standard of living.

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